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Long time no wrtie

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Well gheesh.. it has been a VERY VERY long time since I have been on here.. Soo after much thinking.. Had to remember the password after all I have gotten back on.. and here I am..

As a quick update.. as of May 2007 I left my husband.. yep the one that I kept typing about in the other LJ entries.. the reason.. I just could not do it anymore. I am not cut out to be a prison wife.. er husband that is So In June of 2007 I packed um the place I lives.. and moved my happy ass back to Florida where I belong.. Since being here it has been interesting.. One.. trying to get used to other people in the same household has been weird.. I am use to me, myself, and I.. and it can be frustrating at times.. I am myself.. with my own things in life but, the family keeps butting in at times.. I am sure I will adjust in time..

Also since being home I have found myself very active in the local pagan community even to the point of being one of the founding board members.. it can be fun at times.. but, also very frustrating.. On top of that me and my Best friend have started a coven of sorts.. we are working way slow on it.. so as not to stress ourselves out.. but, once everything is in place and running I think we will be awesome.. and our coven will grow faster then we are aware of..

Beyond that I am still single.. I do have a friend that I have fun with but, no Mr Bower in my life at this time.. and will not be for some time..(well unless mr right comes along tomorrow and sweeps me off my feet).. And I do not stress it.. I am not really in the correct frame of mind, or financial setting to be in a commited relationship..

Well that is it.. take darn good care and love to you!
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