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If I where too

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Fall upon a sword I would be soo happy about now.. I am sooo bloody tired.. tired of work.. tired of responsibilty.. tired of being without my husband.. and tired of struggling paycheck to paycheck.. I once read a post that had wisdom.. about the good guy/girl finishing last.. and it is true.. I live a good life.. I stay out of trouble, I council people, I pay my taxes, and I pay my dues.. And yet.. life kicks you in the ass.. I know all that I have, am, and wil go through is but, tests and lessons. But, sometimes I would just like a recess.. some time to actually enjoy.. Do I believe I will have this time? No.. not in the least.. my path is before me.. and it is a harsh and sometimes lonely path.. To be a spiritual leader, a councilor, and a devoted husband are all demanding.. and yet rewarding..

yes I am complaining. I am just tired is all.. We all get that way.. just some it takes longer..


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